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Holy Land Tours

Many Christians visit Palestine and Israel as part of a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. What to experience and who to meet are important decisions for any traveller to be asking themselves. The content of your itinerary can vastly shape your perception of the reality on the ground in the Holy Land. So please do your research before taking your journey. 

Stay tuned for a PIEN Holy Land Tour resource, complete with recommended tours!

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‘Come and See’

Is a call from Palestinian Christians offering justice focused guidelines for pilgrims who travel to the Holy Land. These guidelines were developed at an international meeting comprising a group of theologians, Palestinian Christian activists and professionals in the tourism industry. 

“These guidelines have been written for visionary pilgrims and visitors seeking an authentic,
face-to-face human encounters in the Holy Land…”

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Code of Conduct

The Alternative Tourism Group, who offer both local tours and guidance about responsible tourism for people visiting Palestine, have produced a Code of Conduct. The code applies to both visitors to the Holy Land and to the tourism industry within Palestine. There are guidelines for preparing your trip, during your visit and when you return home. 



Many organisations offer the ability for you to engage in activities whilst in the Holy Land such as human rights monitoring, accompanying vulnerable communities while they shepherd their flocks or olive planting and harvest. 

For more details see EAPPI, Community Peacemaker Teams, Joint Advocacy Initiative, Tent of Nations.