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Invite a Speaker

Do you belong to a church or community organisation that you could invite a speaker to talk about Palestine and Israel? PIEN has a list of people who have first hand knowledge of the current reality on the ground in the Holy Land who are available for speaking engagements.

Show Up

Host a Peace Meal

Do you enjoy holding dinner parties? Does Middle Eastern cuisine entice your taste buds? Are you passionate to see justice in Palestine? Then sign up to host a peace meal where you can raise awareness about Palestine and fundraise for PIEN! Hosting kit supplied.

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Screen Stones Cry Out

Luke 19:39-41 – In response to the Pharisees “tell your disciples to stop”, Jesus answers, “I tell you…if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.” This documentary traces the plight of Palestinian Christians, the ‘living stones’ from 1948 to present day Bethlehem. 

Witness firsthand

Visit Palestine

A common plea from Palestinians is ‘come and see and then go and tell’. Those who witness the ongoing human rights violations in the occupied Palestinian territories are inevitably compelled to speak up, they return home with Palestine in their heart. 

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Prayer Actions

If you are a person who prays, there are a couple of ways that you can engage in this spiritual practice focusing on Palestine and Israel. We value your prayerful commitment to the struggles that continue to dominate the lives of everyday Palestinians.

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Campaigns are essential in highlighting specific issues and keeping the spotlight on the human rights violations that occur daily in the Holy Land. Help shine the spotlight by joining in one or more of these campaigns from PIEN.