Online resources

The Wall has been broken down, The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in the Light of Christian Faith and International Law, Kairos Palestine Netherlands | Friends of Sabeel Netherlands, 2012 (40 pages)

Land of Promise? An Anglican exploration of Christian attitudes to the Holy Land released by Anglican Communion, 2012 (76 pages)

The inheritance of Abraham? – A report on the “promised land”, Church of Scotland, 2013 (10 pages)

Palestinian Theology, essay by Australian Helen Rainger, summarising some main streams of Palestinian Theology.


Occupied With Nonviolence: A Palestinian Woman Speaks, 2008, Jean Zaru.
Jean is a longtime activist and Quaker leader from Ramallah.  This book details both the politics and the path of nonviolence as a way through.

Challenging Christian Zionism: Theology, Politics and the Israel-Palestine Conflict, 2005, eds Ateek, N S, Duaybis, C, Tobin, M, Melesende: London.
This book is the proceedings of the 5th Annual Sabeel Conference held in Jerusalem in April 2004.  It includes a range of voices to the task of understanding the intersection of theololgy and politics in the conflict.

I Am a Palestinian Christian, 1995, Mitri Raheb, Fortress Press: Minneapolis, USA.
Mitri Raheb, Pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church in Bethlehem.  This book describes his attempt to mediate the conflict, through the use of a local Palestinian theology, between Israel and Palestine, as well as create dialogue between Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Whose Promised Land?  2002 (5th Edition), Colin Chapman.
This thorough theological work covers both the history of the region and the occupation of Palestine, as well as a thorough examination of Christian Theology of the area.

Australian: Israel-Palestine: A Christian Response to the Conflict, Craig Nielson, 2011. Foundation University Press
This text challenges Christian Zionism from an evangelical point of view, engaging particularly with Christian theology about Jesus’ return. Read review

How Long O Lord: Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Voices from the Ground and Visions for the Future in Israel/Palestine, 2002, eds Tobin, M & Tobin, R, Cowley Publications: Massachusetts.

Faith and the Intifada:Palestinian Christian Voices, 1992, eds Ateek, N S, Ellis, M H, Ruether, R R, Orbis Books: Maryknoll, New York.

Ateek, N S,  A Palestinian Cry for Reconciliation, 2010, Ateek, Orbis Books: Maryknoll, New York.

Ateek, N S 1989 Justice and Only Justice: A Palestinian Theology of Liberation, Orbis Books: Maryknoll, New York.