CALL TO ACTION: Help us find dates being sold in Australia from illegal Israeli settlements

Dates pictureDates that are grown and processed in illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank are now being sold in Australia. We’re asking you to help us find how widely they are being sold.

We are looking for dates sold under the brand names: Jordan River, Jordan River Bio-Top and King Solomon

These dates are marketed as Produce of Israel, but this is grossly misleading. Dates sold under these brand names come from the Hadiklaim – Israel Date Growers Cooperative, Israel’s largest date exporter. Many of their dates originate from illegal settlements in Occupied Palestine, and are processed in packing houses in Occupied Palestine – in both the Jordan Valley and Dead Sea areas.

We have found dates from settlements currently being sold in Melbourne (as pictured). We are making contact with the importer asking them them to cease importing these products. If they don’t agree, then we’ll be asking for your help to put pressure on them by boycotting their dates and urging others to do so too. We are also trying to identify alternative sources of dates for sale in Australia.

ACTION REQUEST: Please visit your local supermarket, boutique grocer, organic food store or Middle Eastern stockist to see where their dates are coming from. Let us know whether you find any you think might be coming from Occupied Palestine. If any dates are labelled “Made in Israel”, please ask the managers if they know whether the dates are coming from Israel or from illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Please send us all the information you find out.

Also ask the retailers for the names of their suppliers of dates and encourage them to change to dates not produced or processed in Israeli settlements.

If, as well as dates, you happen to discover any other products being sold near you that are, or may be, Israeli settlement products, please find out as much about them as you can and tell us.

Please send any information to:, or call Jessica on 0431 519 577


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