PIEN announces our Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) policy and campaign is officially launched!

The launch occurred on Tuesday 30th April, 2019 at St James’ Anglican church, Sydney, with Professor Emeritus Stuart Rees OAM and Assoc. Professor Dr. Peter Slezak as invited speakers.

PIEN has heard the calls of Palestinians and Israelis who are actively working for justice and peace, particularly the call from the Palestinian BDS National Committee. As such PIEN is compelled to respond by adopting BDS as a non-violent action against companies and other entities which, directly or indirectly, support Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land and its blockade of the Gaza Strip, in violation of international law.

BDS was successfully used against supporters of Apartheid in South Africa. Israel, especially having adopted a Basic Law proclaiming Israel as The Nation State of the Jewish People, along with its military rule of the Palestinian territories, fits the description of an apartheid state, as defined by the International Criminal Court.

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HP Campaign

PIEN are inviting Australian Christians and churches to boycott the products of HP

We have chosen to focus our first campaign on HP due to their direct link to the illegal occupation through equipping the Israeli military with the technology infrastructure used to maintain the systems of apartheid and oppression. This infrastructure is used in Israel’s checkpoints and separation barrier which impinge upon Palestinians’ fundamental human right of freedom of movement. The checkpoints and wall fragment and segregate the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza and their residents through electric fences, watchtowers, sensors, and concrete barriers, which separate Palestinian workers from their jobs, farmers from their land, students from their schools, patients from hospitals, and families from each other. Palestinian homes are demolished and livelihoods affected as land is confiscated to build the wall and to accommodate the illegal Israeli settlements.

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