Circle 30: Join the Circle of Support

Will you join our monthly support program?

This is a crucial time for PIEN. We have made great progress; we have spoken out on key issues; we have organised national film screenings; and we have stood with Palestinians.

We have reminded Australian churches and all Australians that Christians need to stand in solidarity with all those facing oppression, particularly the descendants of the people who first heard the Good News.

However, PIEN desperately needs additional funds to keep going. Fortunately, our funding needs are modest, just enough for one part-time employee.Will you join this circle of support by contributing $30 per month, and help respond to the situation in the Holy Land with love and grace?

Reaching this target will make a big difference. It is the type of support that Palestinian Christians are desperately seeking from Australian churches.

How to join us in Circle 30

We would love to be able to direct you to our electronic payment website, where you can process your credit card, but we’re not even at that stage. We are small and we are lean.

Instead, we need you to:

  1. Log on to your Bank’s website.
  2. Click on to the payment page.
  3. For the payee details, the relevant information for PIEN is as follows:
    Account Name: Palestine Israel Account
    BSB: 702-389
    Account Number: 05200760
  4. Look for the recurring payment option, to choose the monthly payment schedule and the appropriate end date (that suits you).
  5. Choose your monthly amount. If $30 is too much, any regular amount will still help.
  6. Make sure you put your name and Circle 30 in the description so we properly register the payment.
  7. Email us that you have joined the Circle 30, circle of support.
  8. It’s that easy!

If at any stage, you need more information, please email or call PIEN (+61 0424 363 371)