The history of the lands now known as Palestine and Israel are laden with the many layers of stories.   These stories are often powerfully felt and told from many different perspectives.

For a brief introduction to the socio-political context, we’d recommend the Jewish Voice For Peace (USA) (video) or  a written introduction from Australia Palestine Advocacy Network.  For a theological introduction, we’d recommend the recent short publication The Wall has been broken down.

If you would like some more detailed information about the context of Palestine and Israel, please see our recommendations of  books, videos, and Palestinian stories

We have collated some church statements so you can see what Christian leaders in Palestine and around the world have said about this situation.  We have also provided some specific information about Christians in Palestine and the World Council of Churches World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel.

We would encourage you to listen with a generous spirit and open heart as we seek to understand more about what many people call the holy land.